We are please to be the sole distribution partner for some of Ireland's favourite brands


Capri-Sun is not only Ireland’s but the world’s number one on the go juice drink. 

Capri-Sun offer a range of drinks ideal for the school lunchbox or for adults on the go including Ireland’s most popular juice drink, Capri-Sun Orange, a no added sugar range and the 75% juice option Fruit Crush.  

The family range comes in a variety of tasty flavours including orange, blackcurrant, tropical and multivitamin, all in a handy no spill pouch.

There is also a larger 330ml range for adults that comes with a resealable cap in two great flavours, everyone's favourite orange and tasty mango & passion fruit.

New to the range in 2017 is also the 330ml lemon and orange no added sugar product, offering consumers a choice but still with the same great Capri-Sun taste.



Carabao Logo.png

Carabao is a refreshing and great tasting low sugar energy drink, designed to give you the energy you need to achieve your everyday goals.

Currently rolling out across Ireland, Carabao aims to inject new consumers into the energy drink category and in addition to the great awareness already created through their partnership of the EFL with the Carabao Cup they have some big plans for the local market 2018.




Lorina Logo.png

Since 1895, 3 generations of “Maitres Limonadiers” have passed on their “savoir-faire,” producing a uniquely French Artisanal Soda.

Lorina is carefully crafted using a time-honored secret family recipe.

Their range of All-Natural Artisanal Sodas use only the best ingredients and natural fruit flavours selected from the best origins.

website. www.lorina.com



For more than 130 years, the brands Tate & Lyle® and Lyle’s Golden Syrup® have been committed to sweetening the world. Striving for no less than great quality products, they have always worked with passion and the promise to deliver the best ingredients to families around the globe.

Bringing moisture to cakes and crunch to cookies, adding treacly flavours to barbecue sauces and sweetness to summer cocktails; the Tate & Lyle® range has grown over the years to satisfy the needs of all. They have a wide range of white and brown sugars that excite the taste buds of adventurous foodies, cooking professionals and amateur bakers. Thanks to their involvement working closely with chefs and professional cooks, they have built strong expertise in food and recipe development. Their sugar is used for more than just sweetening, which has led to their brown sugar innovations. They have created a wide range of brown sugars that provides rich flavours and differentiated textures for the best results at home. 

On top of their extensive sugars they also have Lyle’s Golden Syrup® which has been a firm favourite in the Irish family home since 1883, so much so that it holds the Guinness World Record title for the world’s oldest unchanged brand packaging. Famous for being gorgeously golden, Lyle’s Golden Syrup® has an authentic, unmistakable and unmissable taste – not to forget its loveable stickiness! It can be used to add a sweet caramelised golden touch to everything from breakfast porridge, pancakes, ice-cream, puddings and cakes to even savoury favourites, BBQ glazes and marinades. The delicious taste of Lyle’s® will remind you how sticky but worth it their products are for those golden baking and breakfast moments.







Created in 1993 in Will King’s kitchen, King of Shaves is a company that is now firmly established as a leading challenger brand in the mens personal care category. Their range of advanced animal friendly shaving, skin and beard care products are available in the Ireland from Dunnes Stores and Tesco nation wide.

“Back in 1992 I used to suffer from shaving rash and razor burn but couldn’t find a product on the market to solve my shaving problems. I suspected a lot of guys suffered in the same way I did, so I decided to solve the problem myself and develop a range of products to give a smooth, close and burn free shave – so in 1993 the King of Shaves was born. Like me, I want you to enjoy shaving rather than endure it and have pioneered our Prepare, Shave, Protect regime to deliver you the very best results, what we’ve come to term the King of Shaves. Join our kingdom today and find out how King of Shaves can make your shave super easy!”

Will King, Founder King of Shaves



Beanies Logo.jpg

Beanies are THE flavour coffee specialists, flavour fanatics and on a mission to revolutionise the average cup of coffee.

They've been creating flavour coffee since 2009… a few flavours to begin with… then a few more. Then they just got carried away!

They dream up new flavours, pack them into little jars and ship them out to Beanies Addicts far and wide.

Every flavour is just 2 calories per cup, they don’t add sugar or sweeteners or anything else besides.

They're all about innovation and are constantly creating new flavours and their Beanies community is something they are very really proud of – check them out and join them over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to say hello.