At Grocery Brand Solutions we provide the full spectrum of support for your brand across the island of Ireland from Customer Solutions to Consumer Marketing and full logistics and back office support


Customer Solutions

We have coverage throughout Ireland’s Multiple, Convenience, Wholesale, Foodservice and Independent trade across the island of Ireland.

Consumer Solutions

Aligning our principals international strategy to actionable local market insights allows us to develop exciting shopper and consumer marketing solutions to help our brands stand out from the crowd.


Supply Chain and Back Office solutions

Delivering on the basics is important so we have partnered with Ireland’s leading logistics providers to deliver a cost effective, flexible supply chain solution complemented by our back office support team.

Grocery Brand Solutions was created with the specific insight that brand owners need a more personalised approach to managing their products in the Irish market if they are to achieve long term growth in a extremely competitive environment.

We are passionate about our products and by focusing on a select number of key brands we can ensure that we deliver great results for our the principals


Our Partnership Principles

Create a Focused Portfolio

Form Open, Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Have a Flexible Approach

Provide a Total Business Solution

Deliver Results